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Green Bio Energy endeavors to fight poverty and global climate change, specifically in Uganda, one of the poorest Sub-Saharan African countries. In Uganda, 64.7% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. Such extreme poverty has many implications including a lack of access to clean, affordable and safe energy sources, and increased vulnerability to natural disasters caused by environmental degradation such as floods and droughts.


In Uganda, poor families use almost half their daily income ($0.8) on expensive cooking fuel such as charcoal which is burnt in rudimentary, inefficient cook stoves, cook stoves which waste much of the expensive charcoal. This is money that cannot be spent on education, basic health needs, access to clean water and food.  Not only is the charcoal very expensive and the stoves inefficient, keeping families locked in a cycle of poverty, but such cook stoves produce greenhouse gases and smoke causing deadly illnesses including childhood pneumonia, bronchitis, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The World Health Organization estimates that CO emissions (one of the gases released during cooking) prematurely kills 2 million people in developing countries every year.


To produce charcoal by traditional means, trees must be cut, buried in the ground, and then burned underground, an extremely wasteful process in and of itself in which over 80% of the potential energy from the trees is lost to the ground.  Burning these trees into charcoal also emits greenhouse gases, contributing to global climate change and droughts which, as numerous studies show, has and will continue to hit the poorest the hardest. Furthermore, the widespread deforestation caused by traditional charcoal production contributes to severe erosion, making landslides more likely to happen, like in Bududa District in Uganda where, in 2012, three entire villages were destroyed and hundreds of people killed.


At Green Bio Energy we believe that we can make a difference in the lives of the poorest by offering affordable, safe, and environmentally-friendly energy products.  Instead of relying on inefficient stoves and charcoal that directly causes deforestation, Green Bio Energy offers alternative solutions.

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